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Intelligent Special Vehicles

Oct. 09, 2023

RFID+forklift computer solution

Background introduction

In warehousing management, by installing forklift computers, RFID antennas and readers on forklifts, the efficiency of automation in warehousing management can be greatly 

improved. The RFID detection antenna is installed on the front fork, which can automatically scan the RFID tag information of the goods. The received information is transmitted 

to the RFID reader through the cable, and the reader is then input to the computer through wired or wireless, thus completing the goods. automatic identification. Then the user 

can set up WiFi, Narrow Band or directly use the 4G mobile phone network as the warehouse's wireless communication network according to actual needs to transmit data back to 

the backend server. The entire process reduces manual participation and greatly improves work efficiency.

*Image:ZHICHUN embedded panel pc for forklift

Intelligent Special Vehicles

Program requirements

● Touch display integrated vehicle computer

● Suitable for different types of forklift mounting brackets

● Meet the diversification of forklift batteries, such as 12V, 24V, 48V, 80V, etc.

● The RFID reader needs to be connected through the I/O interface, and the power supply problem of the scanner gun needs to be solved.

● Or built-in Bluetooth module for data communication with wireless RFID reader

Intelligent Special Vehicles


Solutions provided by Zhichun include:

● Rugged and durable vehicle-mounted industrial computer

● Sturdy and high-performance industrial-grade RFID reader (wired/wireless)

● RFID antenna

● Equipment on-site testing and installation services

Intelligent Special Vehicles

Solution advantages

● Dual-core/quad-core low-power high-performance processor, all-aluminum alloy fanless rugged vehicle-mounted computer

● US military regulations MIL-STD-810G vibration and shock resistance standard, IP65 dustproof and waterproof

● Rich I/O interfaces, supporting a variety of high-performance industrial-grade RFID readers and writers

● Equipped with vehicle power supply, mounting bracket, industrial waterproof keyboard and other forklift application solutions

● The RFID reader can communicate with the on-board computer via Bluetooth, avoiding the problems of wire routing and wear and tear.

Industry application

Warehouse forklift

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