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Embedded Mount Touch Monitor
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10.1 Inch 10 Point Display ZPC101-S111

10.1 inch touchscreen monitor

I/O: 1*VGA, 1*HDMI, 1*UBS-B, 12V DC port, Audio Line-out 


1. Industrial Grade Components and Fanless Designs

2. Frontal panel reach IP65 waterproof and dust-proof

3. Capacitive touch screen design (G+G), 10-point touch

4. LED back light,  brightness 300nit

5. Aluminum rear shell , light and fashion. sturdy and durable

6. Suitable for build-in mounting/ wall-mounting/ VESA mounting

7. Multi-type display input connection: VGA. HDMI, DVI 

8. Suitable for various of application industry



The display screen is available in 7, 10.1, 11.6, 13.3, 14, 15, 15.6, 17, 17.3, 18.5, 19, 21.5, 23.6, 27 and 32 inches.

IP65 Touch Screen Monitor: A Fortress of Durability and Clarity

In the realm of industrial displays, where reliability meets the unforgiving test of harsh environments, the IP65-rated touch screen monitor emerges as a beacon of resilience. Designed to withstand dust and water jets, this monitor ensures uninterrupted operation in the most challenging conditions. Its robust sealing and protection against external elements make it a prime choice for outdoor installations, food processing facilities, and marine applications. The high-quality touch screen, paired with a vibrant display, guarantees clear visibility and responsive interaction, even when subjected to extreme weather or high humidity. For businesses seeking a display solution that can maintain peak performance in rugged environments, the IP65 touch screen monitor is an indispensable asset.

Vehicle-Mounted Monitors: Navigating the Roads with Unmatched Clarity

In the dynamic world of transportation, vehicle-mounted monitors are more than just screens; they are navigational aids, communication hubs, and entertainment systems rolled into one. These monitors are engineered to withstand the vibrations and shocks encountered during vehicular movements, ensuring a stable and reliable performance. With their compact yet impactful design, they provide clear visuals and intuitive touch controls, enhancing driver awareness and passenger engagement. Whether used for GPS navigation, fleet management, or in-vehicle entertainment, vehicle-mounted monitors offer a versatile solution that adapts to the ever-evolving demands of the transportation sector. Their ability to integrate seamlessly with various vehicle systems makes them a critical component in optimizing operational efficiency and safety on the road.

Small Size Monitor: Compact Powerhouses for Space-Conscious Solutions

In spaces where every inch matters, small size monitors deliver big on functionality and convenience. These miniature displays pack a punch with their high-resolution screens and responsive touch capabilities, making them perfect for applications that require precise control and detailed visualization in limited areas. From medical devices to point-of-sale terminals, and from kiosks to control panels, small size monitors offer a compact yet powerful viewing experience. Their versatility in mounting options and adaptability to various environments make them an ideal choice for integrating technology into spaces where traditional monitors would be impractical. Embrace the power of miniaturization with small size monitors, and unlock new possibilities in your workspace.

10 Inch Touch Monitor: The Perfect Blend of Portability and Productivity

In the quest for the ideal balance between portability and productivity, the 10-inch touch monitor stands out as a shining example. This mid-sized display offers ample screen real estate for detailed work, yet remains lightweight and portable enough for on-the-go applications. Its touch-sensitive interface facilitates efficient interaction, making it a preferred choice for field workers, mobile professionals, and anyone requiring a versatile display solution. With its high-definition display and ergonomic design, the 10-inch touch monitor enhances user experience whether used for presentations, data entry, or interactive applications. Its compact size doesn’t compromise on performance, ensuring that users enjoy the best of both worlds – mobility and functionality. Elevate your mobile workspace with the 10-inch touch monitor, and redefine productivity wherever your tasks take you.

10.1 Inch 10 Point Display ZPC101-S111


Basic Parameter

Sizes 10.1inches
Back lightLED
Brightness 300nits
Dynamic contrast1000:1
Touch screenCapacitive touch
Touch point   10-point touch
Respond Time  ≤5ms
Luminousness 85±5%
Surface Hardness 6H
Click Lifetime 50 millions times
Viewing AngleR/L:65(Typ.), U/D:65(Typ)                             
Communication InterfaceUSB interface

I/O Interface

USB1*USB type-B
VGA                                1*VGA                                                            
Audio 1*Line-out
Power12V DC power input

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature-10-+60 
Storage Temperature        -20-+70                                                    
Relative Humidity20%-90%

General Parameters

Outline Dimension  263.5*175.2*45.2mm(L*W*H)
Display Dimension 221.1*139.9mm(L*W)
Hole Size 258.2*170.2mm(L*W)
Shell Material Plastic+Metal plate
Installation TypeEmbedded,Wall-Mounted,Desktop,VESA


Free accessories

Embedded buckle           4 pcs of embedded buckles+ 4 pcs of screws
Adapter1 pcs of 12V/5A adapter
Power cord1 pcs of 1.5m
VGA cable1 pcs of 1.5m
HDMI cable1 pcs of 1.5m
USB-B cable1 pcs of 1.5m
Touch pen1 pcs

Optional accessories

Power cord                     1 pcs of 3m/5m
Wall-mount plate1 pcs of wall-mount plate                                
Desktop stand1 pcs of desktop stand


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