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Intelligent Warehousing

Oct. 09, 2023

Logistics sorting line workstation solution

Background of the project

The intelligent marking machine system is in the mainstream position in the market due to its advantages such as flexible recognition algorithm, high precision, and integration 

of processing and vision. It is mainly used in some occasions that require finer and higher precision, such as electronic components, integrated circuits, Mobile phone 

communications, auto parts, jewelry, precision equipment and other processing fields. As a modern precision processing equipment, laser marking machine can greatly improve 

production efficiency, reduce enterprise tooling and labor costs, and is suitable for various automated production line applications and intelligent transformation. It is the best 

choice for enterprises to upgrade equipment intelligently. .

Program requirements

● The space in the sorting line is limited and the workstations are required to be of appropriate size.

● The workstation needs to be able to monitor the status of on-site switch buttons and control the audible and visual alarms

● Workstations and databases can only communicate through wireless networks


By cooperating with switch buttons and audible and visual alarms, Zhichun industrial tablet computers improve fault response time and processing efficiency, strengthen problem 

response, and achieve the logistics company's overall management goals of visualization and controllability.

Solutions provided by Zhichun include:

● DPC series industrial tablet computers


Advantages of Intelligent Pure Solution

● The quality of Zhichun products is reliable and can satisfy customers’ long-term operation.

● Multiple IO interfaces, able to communicate with devices of different brands and protocols

● Can be used as an integrated management host for on-site information aggregation and data processing

● Can support up to 6 serial ports, saving wiring costs and reducing construction difficulty

Industry application

Sorting line workstation

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