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Intelligent Port Facilities

Oct. 06, 2023

Background Introduction

Zhichun Technology has designed various on-board computers and on-board LED display screens for the scheduling and application of container trucks at the dock, combined with the dock TOS system. At the same time, it provides various installation brackets to fix the on-board computer in the narrow cab; We also offer a variety of antenna options (rubber stick, ceiling mounted or fiberglass), wide pressure waterproof power supply, and waterproof external keyboard, effectively improving customer stability and convenience needs.

Plan requirements

 ● Small and medium-sized touch display integrated on-board computer

 ● Car mounted LED display screen

 ● Installation bracket

 ● Wide pressure waterproof power supply, etc


The Zhichun car mounted computer provides a 7-10.4 inches touch screen display screen, runs the Windows/Android operating system which is equipped with built-in WiFi and 4G LTE communication modules, as well as GPS positioning modules, making it convenient for user-friendly human-machine operation of the TOS system and real-time transmission of job scheduling instructions; The onboard LED display screen is installed in front of the windshield of the container trailer cab and communicates with the onboard computer through a serial port. After receiving the information, the displays can show it to the staff outside the trailer, informing them of the type of container lock or the destination of the trailer, etc., in order to improve the efficiency of the dock. In addition, Zhichun integrates LED external display and on-board computer, with an LED display screen on the external side and a screen and function keys on the driver's side; By integrating into one, it can make installation and disassembly more convenient for customers

Advantages of the plan

Zhichun's products are of reliable quality and meet the uninterrupted operation of customers for 7 * 24 hours

Wide voltage power input of vehicle specification level, meeting the application of various types of dock trucks

Multiple screen sizes ranging from 7 to 10.4 inches, available on Windows and Android platforms

All aluminum alloy shell, fanless design, meeting the dustproof, waterproof, and salt spray prevention standards of the dock environment

Multiple installation methods, suitable for various types of truck trucks, making reasonable use of limited space

Industry applications

Container Yard

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