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Oct. 09, 2023

MES workstation solution

Project Introduction

The MES workstation is located in the middle layer of the entire system. It is responsible for integrating all systems in the entire plant and forming a data platform. The upper 

layer is ERP, and the lower layer is connected to PLC, data collection and display equipment, etc. MES automatically takes ERP business orders, schedules production and issues 

production instructions to operators or lower-level equipment. Zhichun Technology focuses on MES applications and designs and produces a series of industrial tablet computers 

for MES workstations.

Program requirements

● The on-site work station is not fixed, the location is complex, and the installation conditions are harsh

● There are many types of information collection equipment, requiring the workstation to have a variety of IO interfaces

● The factory implements 24-hour production, and the workstation must meet the uninterrupted operation capability


Zhichun provides ZPC series industrial tablet computers

Zhichun ZPC series industrial tablet computers optimize and manage the entire production process from order placement to product completion through information 

transmission. And when real-time events occur, users can respond and report in a timely manner, and guide and process them through current and accurate data. Reduce 

non-value-added activities within the enterprise and effectively guide the factory's production operation process, thereby improving the factory's timely delivery capability, 

improving material circulation performance, and increasing production return rate.

Floor-standing/Wall-mounted/Hanging mounted

Advantages of Intelligent Pure Solution

● Zhichun's products are of reliable quality and can satisfy customers' 24/7 uninterrupted operation.

● Rich IO interfaces enable customers to seamlessly connect devices of different brands and protocols.

● Cost-effective solutions to reduce customer production costs

●A variety of installation methods, suitable for various industrial occasions, making reasonable use of limited space

● Various brackets, keyboard brackets, scanner gun brackets, warning lights and other supporting products are available for users' convenience.

Industry application

● Smart factory

● Intelligent logistics

●Equipment automation

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