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Hard Disk Not Detected on industrial control computer

Apr. 30, 2024

When the industrial computer is turned on, hard Disk Not Detected/Recognized. This may be due to various reasons. 

Compatibility issues: The hardware and operating system of the industrial computer may not support or be compatible with specific models or specifications of hard drives. 

This may be because the hard disk uses a new interface standard or other uncommon features, causing the industrial computer to fail to recognize and use it correctly.

Driver problem: The operating system of the industrial computer may lack or not support the hard disk driver. 

The driver is the bridge between the hardware and the operating system. Without the appropriate driver, the hard disk cannot be correctly recognized and accessed.

BIOS setting issues: The BIOS settings of the industrial computer may need to be adjusted to correctly identify the hard drive. 

For example, you may need to enable AHCI mode or change the hard drive's SATA mode settings.

Hardware failure: The hard disk itself may be faulty or damaged, causing it to be unrecognizable by the industrial computer.

 This may be caused by a damaged circuit board of the hard drive, an interface connection problem, or other hardware failure.

Connection problems: First, make sure that the power supply and data cables are properly connected to the drive.

Outdated hard drive driver: You can try updating the drivers from the Device Manager, or you may need to reinstall them.

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Hard Disk Not Detected on industrial control computer

*Here are some possible workarounds slove ways, each designed to target a different underlying problem

Check the hard drive connections: Make sure the hard drive power and data cables are properly and securely connected to the hard drive and motherboard.

Check the power supply: Make sure the power cord is providing sufficient power to the hard drive.

Check the BIOS settings: Restart the computer, enter the BIOS settings, and ensure that the BIOS recognizes the hard drive. Sometimes it is necessary to manually detect the hard disk or adjust the startup sequence.

Update BIOS: Sometimes, updating BIOS can solve hard drive recognition issues.

Check the health of the hard disk: Use a hard disk detection tool (such as CrystalDiskInfo) to check whether the hard disk has bad sectors or other problems.

Try another SATA/IDE port: Sometimes one of the ports on the motherboard may be damaged, try connecting the hard drive to another port.

Check the jumper settings: If it is an IDE hard drive, make sure the jumper settings are correct (such as setting the hard drive as master or slave).

Replace the data cable: A damaged SATA or IDE data cable may cause the hard drive to be unrecognized. Try replacing the data cable.

Test the drive on another computer: Install the drive on another computer to confirm that the drive is working properly.

Check motherboard compatibility: Make sure the hard drive is compatible with the motherboard, especially if you are using a newer or special type of hard drive.

Firmware updates: Check the hard drive manufacturer's website to see if there are any firmware updates.

Use the hard drive recovery mode: Some hard drives have special recovery modes or tools, you can try using these tools.

Reset CMOS: Clearing CMOS can restore BIOS settings to default, which can sometimes solve the problem.

Check system files: If the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS but cannot boot, try using a boot disk to perform a system repair.

Hard drive partitioning and formatting: Use hard drive management tools to check whether the hard drive is partitioned and formatted correctly.

Boot sequence: Confirm that the boot sequence in the BIOS settings is correct and make sure the computer is trying to boot from the correct hard drive.

Using an external hard drive enclosure: Place the internal hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure and connect it to the touch screen computer via USB to determine whether the problem is the hard drive or a connection problem within the all in one computer.

Power supply unit (PSU) check: An unstable or insufficient power supply unit can cause the hard drive to not function properly.

Check the system log: Check the system log file for errors or warnings when the system attempts to read the hard drive.

Professional hard drive repair service: If none of the above methods can solve the problem, you may need to send the hard drive to a professional repair service center for inspection and repair.

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Hard Disk Not Detected on industrial control computer

Hard Disk Not Detected on industrial control computer