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Industrial pc cleaning guide

Jun. 12, 2024

Mastering the Art of Industrial Computer Cleaning: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of industrial automation and control systems, where reliability is paramount, maintaining the cleanliness of industrial computers (also known as IPCs) is an often overlooked yet crucial task.

 Dust, debris, and other contaminants can accumulate over time, causing overheating, reduced performance, and even system failures. 

This article outlines a step-by-step process for effectively cleaning your industrial panel PC, ensuring its longevity and optimal operation.

1. Preparation is Key

Before diving into the cleaning process, it's essential to take precautions to protect both yourself and the industrial all-in-one panel PC :

Power Down: Ensure the industrial computer is completely shut down and disconnected from all power sources. This prevents electrical shock and damage to the components during cleaning.

Static Control: Use an antistatic wrist strap connected to a grounded surface to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can harm sensitive electronics.

Gather Tools: Prepare soft, lint-free cloths, compressed air, isopropyl alcohol (IPA; 70% concentration is ideal), and cotton swabs. 

Avoid using household cleaners or abrasive materials that can damage the surfaces.

2. Exterior Cleaning

Start by removing loose dust and dirt from the industrial panel pc exterior surfaces:

Compressed Air: Gently blow away dust from the case, vents, and crevices using short bursts of compressed air. Hold the canister upright to prevent moisture from entering the device.

Soft Cloth: Dampen a soft cloth with a small amount of IPA and gently wipe the exterior surfaces, avoiding any openings. This removes stubborn grime without leaving residue.

Industrial pc cleaning guide

3. Internal Cleaning (For Accessible Areas)

If your touch screen IPC allows for safe and easy access to internal components, proceed with caution:

Document First: Take pictures or notes to remember cable connections before disconnecting anything.

Component Removal: Carefully unplug and remove any easily accessible components such as fans or filters. Do not attempt this if you're unsure or if it requires specialized tools.

Clean Components: Use compressed air and a dry, soft brush to remove dust from fans, heat sinks, and filters. For stubborn dirt, lightly dampen a cloth with IPA and carefully clean, 

ensuring no liquid enters the circuitry.

Industrial pc cleaning guide

4. Special Attention to Sensitive Areas

Some parts require extra care:

Air Vents and Fans: These are prime areas for dust accumulation. Use compressed air to clear blockages gently.

Keyboard and Touchscreen: If applicable, use a soft, damp cloth to clean the keyboard and a specialized screen cleaner for touchscreens monitor, following the manufacturer's guidelines.

5. Post-Cleaning Checks

Before powering up again:

Visual Inspection: Ensure all components are correctly reinstalled and there's no sign of moisture or IPA residue.

Airflow Check: Confirm that all vents are clear to maintain proper airflow.

6. Regular Maintenance Schedule

To prolong the life of your all in one computer mount, establish a regular cleaning schedule:

Quarterly Basis: Perform a thorough cleaning at least once every three months, or more frequently in dusty environments.

Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on system temperatures and performance indicators. Increased heat or unusual sounds could signal the need for cleaning.


The meticulous cleaning of Fanless industrial computers is a critical aspect of preventive maintenance. By adhering to these detailed steps, you can significantly enhance the efficiency, reliability, and lifespan of your IPCs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Remember, safety and gentle handling are paramount throughout the process. Regular care not only sustains optimal performance but also safeguards your investment in industrial automation technology.

If you use the industrial pc in dust environment, kindly suggest to use Zhichun Industrial computers made of fully enclosed aluminum alloys.

They can resist dust and humid air from entering the interior of the computer, extending its lifespan. 

At the same time, their unique fanless design provides excellent heat dissipation

Industrial pc cleaning guideIndustrial pc cleaning guide