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Intelligent Device

Oct. 09, 2023

Laser marking machine equipment solution

Background of the project

The intelligent marking machine system is in the mainstream position in the market due to its advantages such as flexible recognition algorithm, high precision, and integration 

of processing and vision. It is mainly used in some occasions that require finer and higher precision, such as electronic components, integrated circuits, Mobile phone communications, 

auto parts, jewelry, precision equipment and other processing fields. As a modern precision processing equipment, laser marking machine can greatly improve production efficiency, 

reduce enterprise tooling and labor costs, and is suitable for various automated production line applications and intelligent transformation. It is the best choice for enterprises to 

upgrade equipment intelligently. ZHICHUN Industrial Touch PC is a great choice for these machine. 

No matter embedded panel pc or wall mount industrial computer, our manufactuer customer all get their perfect touch pc or monitor form us.

Program requirements

● Need to have higher vibration resistance

● Requires a high-speed Ethernet port to transmit high-definition images


Zhichun provides DPC series industrial tablet computers

ZHICHUN PC series industrial tablet computers combine vision and motion control to realize the workflow of incoming material positioning, marking and inspection, making 

laser marking equipment more stable and accurate. ZHICHUN Industrial Touch Panel PC series products come in various sizes and support a variety of installation methods, which can meet the needs 

of different industrial sites and help customers solve problems.

Advantages of Intelligent Pure Solution

● Low power consumption and fanless design provide excellent reliability for field operation

● Supports panel and VESA installation, and can also be used with a desktop mounting base to meet the needs of different customers.

● The simple and easy-to-use interactive interface also has dual display function, which can help customers quickly implement their own applications.

● Rich IO interfaces to support monitoring, control and feedback of laser marking machines

Industry application

● Smart factory

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