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10 inch touch screen panel pc industrial computer

May. 09, 2024

Industrial strength 10 inch touch screen pc is widly use in industrial automation. Our ZHIHCUN brand have providing industrial pc for a lot of manufacturers.

There are 2 application videos You may interested.

Zhichun industrial all in one pc apply in Slotting machine.


Zhichun industrial computer apply in Visual coding machine

In this video, you can find the amazing industrial automation which is everywhere, and many fields can use automation, which in turn can be applied to our industrial computers.

What kind of industry will use 10 inch industrial computers

Key Features of 10 inch touch pc 

 1280×800 IPS with Capacitive Touch

 indoor brightness 250-300 nits
 Sunlight Viewable high nits 1000nits Brightness 
 OS System: Android 9.0 or Linux Debian 10 OS
 NXP i.MX 8M Mini Cortex-A53 1.6GHz Quad-core
 2G RAM, 16G ROM, optional: 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM

Custom: RAM 8G/16G/32G,SSD 16G/64G128G/256G/512G/1T/2T
  Interfaces: LAN, COM Serial, USB, GPIO
 Support POE, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS, CANBUS
 SIM Slot/ Micro SD Card Slot
 DC 8-36V Wide Power Voltage
 Rugged Industrial Design with Aluminum Alloy case

Manufacturing: Industrial computers can be used for monitoring and controlling production lines, helping to manage and optimize production processes.

Logistics and warehousing: Industrial computers can be used for inventory management, logistics tracking, and order processing, improving the efficiency of logistics and warehousing operations.

Retail industry: Industrial computers can be used for POS systems and inventory management in the retail industry, helping with sales and inventory monitoring.

Healthcare: Industrial computers can be used for monitoring medical equipment and managing patient information in hospitals, ensuring the accuracy and security of medical operations.

Transportation: Industrial computers can be used for traffic signal control, vehicle tracking, and public transportation management, improving the efficiency and safety of transportation systems.

The reasons why these industries use 10 inch industrial computers include:

Moderate size: The 10 inch screen size does not take up too much space in industrial environments and can provide sufficient display area.

And there is difference from 10.1 inch and 10.4 inch. 10.1 inch is a wide screen which is 1280*800,

10.1 inch  wide screen     1280*800  275.96mm×194.6mm×54mm(L*W*H)  Display Dimension  217.96mm×136.6mm(L*W)

10.4 inch  square screen  1024*768  275.1mm×222.3mm×54mm(L*W*H)    Display Dimension  213.1mm×160.3mm(L*W)

A 10.1-inch widescreen touch panel computer provides a larger viewing area, making it easier for users to view and operate data. 

They typically use full HD resolution, providing clearer images and a more delicate touch experience. 

These computers can also support multi touch, allowing users to easily zoom, slide, and rotate with their fingers.

The design of the 10.4-inch square touch screen display is more compact and suitable for environments with limited space. 

They typically use SVGA or XGA resolution to provide good image quality and touch response. 

These computers can also support a stylus, allowing users to operate more accurately.


10 inch touch screen panel pc industrial computer

10 inch touch screen panel pc industrial computer


Industrial control computers typically require features such as shock resistance, dust resistance, and waterproofing to adapt to harsh working environments.

Even the back cover is metal Fully enclosed aluminum alloy. Howerer the all in one computer we use at home or office which is the plastic back cover.

The accessary we use in touch screen industrial pc production which is the industrial durable grade accessary too.

10 inch touch screen panel pc industrial computer

High performance: Industrial control all in one pc require sufficient computing power and storage capacity to meet complex industrial applications and data processing needs.

Reliability: Industrial IPC need to have stable operation and long-term usage capabilities to ensure the continuity and reliability of the working environment.

10 inch touch screen panel pc industrial computer

Easy to maintain: Industrial touchscreen computers typically require designs that are easy to maintain and upgrade to facilitate on-site maintenance and system upgrades.

If you want to know the price of 10 inch touch panel pc,leave your contact way and the requirements detsails,such as the RAM,SSD you want.

By visiting our website, you can learn more detailed information about industrial grade 10 inch touch screen computers. 

We offer various models and configurations of computers to meet the needs of different industrial applications. 

Whether it's widescreen or square touch screen displays, we can provide you with high-quality products and professional solutions. 

Please feel free to contact our sales team for more information and obtain a quote.