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ZHICHUN Front Power Switch Embedded Industrial PC

Mar. 18, 2024

 ZHICHUN Industrial PC can be found deployed in a multitude of operational scenarios including manufacturing floors in factories.

 embedded in security and surveillance architecture and other technological set ups involved in process and machine automation. 

Compared to general purpose commercial grade computers,      Industrial PC´s ability to endure the often harsh environment found in industrial environment and the like makes them a popular solution to manufacturing, energy, 

transportation, agriculture and other similarly environmentally challenged industries. 

These rugged computers are also able to provide more flexibility than PLCs and PACs 

due to their ability to run human-machine interface (HMI) applications. 

It can as a hmi touch screens.

The use of real-time kernels improves upon older automation models by allowing the automation to be separate from the operating system (OS) environment. 

This in turn enables it to take precedent over the OS for priorities such as input/output interfacing.

Applications of Industrial PC´s in Industrial Automation

   Industrial PC’s have uses and applications that stretch far beyond just industrial automation, however, for this article, 

  we’ll be sticking to only applications that fall within the industrial automation boundary.

 Let’s start by taking a look at manufacturing and how Industrial PC’s are applied and have benefited industrial automation in this sector.

There is fanless back shell options. Many factory looking the fanless panel pc for their machine 

since there are full of dust and its easy to break down when the touch pc covered by dust.

ZHICHUN Front Power Switch Embedded Industrial PC


Rugged Industrial PCs offer the best hardware platform for large scale manufacturing that exceeds the labor limitations of the average human workforce.

 Machine automation has done for mass production what the internet did for communication. Having had a wobbly start in its infancy, 

industrial PC systems are now heavily relied upon by many manufacturers, not just for machine vision and robot guidance,

 but also the ability to collect valuable data from machinery and equipment for preventive maintenance.

ZHICHUN Front Power Switch Embedded Industrial PC

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