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New USB Front Industrial Panel PC

May. 16, 2024

Touch panel pc new upgrade

Industrial Computer with USB on front panel

A new design Industrial Panel PC with Usb port on front, which make it easy to read data from USB disk. Our customers is vsry satisfied with this industrial monitor pc.

 New USB Front Industrial Panel PCNew USB Front Industrial Panel PC


Why china supplier design a industrial pc with a usb port on front panel?

An industrial PC (IPC) typically requires a USB port on the front panel for several reasons, centered around convenience, accessibility, and functionality. 

Here are some key points explaining why this design choice is beneficial:

1. **Ease of Access**: Having a USB port on the front panel allows users to quickly and easily connect or disconnect USB devices without having to reach around or behind the IPC. 

This is particularly important in industrial settings where equipment may be mounted in hard-to-reach areas or inside enclosures.

2. **Emergency Connectivity**: In emergency situations or for troubleshooting purposes, front-mounted USB ports enable swift connection of diagnostic tools,

flash drives containing crucial data or firmware updates, or even temporary input devices like a keyboard or mouse. Quick access can minimize downtime.

3. **Temporary Device Connection**: Industrial applications often involve using portable storage devices for data logging, software updates, 

or transferring configurations between machines. A front-facing USB port simplifies this process, allowing operators to (insert or remove) these devices effortlessly.

4. **Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Enhancements**: Many industrial touch PCs serve as HMIs, interacting directly with operators. 

A front USB port can facilitate connecting peripherals such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, or USB-based HMI accessories, improving the operability and versatility of the system.

5. **Flexibility and Upgradability**: With evolving technology, new USB devices for various industrial applications are constantly being developed. 

A front USB port ensures the IPC remains adaptable to future technologies and can be easily upgraded or augmented with additional capabilities.

6. **Safety and Ergonomics**: Reaching behind a machine can sometimes be unsafe or uncomfortable, especially in tight spaces or when the equipment is still operational. 

A front USB minimizes the need for such maneuvers, promoting workplace safety and ergonomic practices.

In summary, integrating a USB port on the front panel of an industrial all in one PC improves the overall user experience by enabling efficient connectivity, enhancing operational flexibility,

 and ensuring safety in industrial environments. You can check the below video for more information.

New USB Front Industrial Panel PC

Zhichun J style touch embedded pc features:

● Full-flat seamless front panel design, easy to maintain, good for embedded installation.
● IP65 waterproof and dustproof, effectively withstanding the infiltration of dust and water vapor.
● Aluminum alloy shell offers a strong antioxidant performance.
● Surface hardness of screen up Mohs' 7H level, providing well impact resistance.
● Shock-proof, high and low-temperature resistance, working temperature range up to - 20 ~60°C.
● The rear cover of the panel PC is designed with a circular arc structure, good for heat dissipation.
● Anti-EMI: it meets the EMI/EMC standards, performs perfectly in harsh conditions.
● Reserved dustproof and waterproof speaker hole: adopting the industrial sound transmission material.
● External key adjustment function: built-in button for adjusting screen brightness, it reduced complex and tedious operation.
● Low power consumption due to advanced heating-dissipation features.
● Short boot-up time, generally only a few seconds.
● Excellent performance in terms of video multimedia, data communication, and other aspects.
● Supports the plug-and-play function.
● Industrial-grade motherboards for harsh environment,
● Working temperature: - 20 ~ +70 degrees Celsius.
● Support multi-installation methods for different applications

New USB Front Industrial Panel PC