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ZHICHUN IPC-610L 4U Rack Chaissis

Feb. 22, 2024

The Gitstar ZHICHUN 4U Industrial Computer Chassis IPC-610L, 

a powerhouse of reliability and performance tailored for demanding industrial applications. 

This top-of-the-line rack-mounted workstation/server offers unparalleled versatility and robustness in critical mission environments, 

seamlessly integrating into your WinCC-based automation and control systems.

Can contact us to update storage to 4T or GT730-2,RTX3080-10G.

ZHICHUN IPC-610L 4U Rack Chaissis

The IPC-610L boasts an impressive 4U form factor, designed to fit perfectly into standard 19-inch server racks while providing ample space for expansion.

With its capacity to accommodate up to 14 PCI/ISA slots or a commercial motherboard, 

it allows for extensive connectivity and functionality that is ideal for machine vision, process control, and complex data acquisition systems.

Equipped with the latest Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors from the 3rd to the 12th generation, 

this 4u rackmount server chassis delivers high-performance computing power to tackle even the most intensive tasks with ease. 

The choice of processor ensures efficient multitasking, rapid data processing, 

and seamless responsiveness – all crucial attributes for real-time monitoring and control operations.

Boasting an array of cutting-edge I/O ports, including PCI*4 for legacy and specialized hardware compatibility and USB*9 for universal connectivity, 

the IPC-610L grants you the flexibility to interface with a wide range of devices and peripherals.

 Its forward-thinking design emphasizes easy maintenance with front-accessible features such as hot-swappable drives, filter-equipped fans, 

and clear status indicators for power and hard drive activity.

ZHICHUN IPC-610L 4U Rack Chaissis

In terms of security and durability, the chassis features a lockable front panel door to prevent unauthorized access, 

ensuring the integrity of your system and sensitive data. The rugged construction, made from full steel material, 

guarantees stability and longevity under harsh conditions typical of industrial settings.

Moreover, the IPC-610L supports Windows operating systems,

 which includes compatibility with WinCC, Siemens powerful SCADA software suite, empowering users with comprehensive visualization, control, and data management capabilities.

Its intelligent cooling system, with front intake fans and optimized airflow, maintains stable operation even during extended periods of use, 

making it suitable for continuous 24/7 deployment. Furthermore, the option for ATX Power Supply Units (PSUs) with active PFC guarantees stable power delivery, 

reducing potential points of failure.

In summary, the Gitstar ZHICHUN 4U IPC-610L is not just a computer; 

it's a future-proof investment for businesses seeking a dependable and adaptable solution for their industrial automation, surveillance, 

and data processing needs. Whether serving as a dedicated workstation, a server backbone, or the heart of a machine learning and AI-driven system,

 the IPC-610L stands out as the ultimate industrial-grade computing platform for today's and tomorrow’s challenges.

ZHICHUN IPC-610L 4U Rack Chaissis

ZHICHUN IPC-610L 4U Rack Chaissis