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Deluxe Warranty Plan
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Product Warranty Regulations

During the warranty period, the company promises to guarantee for three years if the fault occurs under the normal use of the user. Free warranty for the first year, cost maintenance for subsequent two years.

All cost related to oversea shipping are not included during and after warranty period. Free maintenance is not provided in the following cases:

1. The product or component exceeds the corresponding warranty period.

2. Failure or damage caused by error or improper use, maintenance or storage, such as improper handling; Use the product other than for its reasonable intended purpose; Improper plugging of external devices; Fall or improper external force impact extrusion.

3. Contact or exposure to inappropriate temperature, solvent, acid, alkali, water or humid environment; And the products or components (such as shell, LCD/LED screen, interface components, circuits, etc.) fragmentation, corrosion, damage, etc., caused by insect bites or foreign body invasion.

4. Failure or damage caused by installation, repair, alteration, addition or removal by unauthorized organizations or persons.

5. There is no valid sales record or warranty card, except as otherwise provided in this document.

6. Failure or damage caused by the use of software that is not legally authorized, not standard or not publicly developed.

7. Failure or damage caused by force majeure or accident.

8. After the expiration of the warranty period and the equipment that is not within the free warranty regulations, the user can still get the maintenance service of the company, but the accessories and maintenance fees need to be charged as appropriate.

9. Machine appearance, wires, accessories and consumables.

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