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Customization content

Personalized customization

Material structure, appearance color, product size, installation method, product LOGO, nameplate customization, vertical screen display.

Zhichun monitor used for water quality monitoring

Module customization

GPS system, 3G/4G SIM card slot, WIFI module, Bluetooth module, IC/ID card reader, NFC module, RFID module, Code scanner module, Magnetic stripe card reader, Internal ticket printer, Photosensitive module , Infrared module, Detection module, Camera module, Telephone module, Fingerprint module, Iris recognition module, Interface module and Relay module, etc.

Zhichun touch panel PC used for self-services kiosk

Work Environment Customization

Humid environment, High and low temperature environment, Marine transportation, High brightness environment, Strong interference environment, Unstable voltage environment.

Zhichun touch panel PC used for marine transportation

Customization process

Requirement from client(Understand request and plan from client)

Product proposal (Provide solutions for customers to choose)

Feasibility analysis (Evaluate the product and issue the R&D agreement)

R&D implementation (Design and testing by engineers)

Prototype and trial production (Small batch production and trial)

Mass production delivery (Delivery of high-quality and high-volume finished products)

Customization support

Value-added service support

1. Provide software and hardware technical support, assist customers in hardware docking. system firmware, interface demo, application software, etc.

2. Educational and Commercial All-In-One PC comes with free teaching courseware.

3. Provide installation dimension drawing and installation method.

4. Assist customers to complete project implementation.

Usage performance support

1. Dust proof, waterproof, moisture proof, corrosion proof, shockproof.

2. Anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static protection, wide temperature and wide voltage.

3. Support wide voltage 12-24V, 9-36V input.

4. Support 7*24 hours of uninterrupted operation, low failure rate and stable performance.

5. Compatible with a variety of MES operating software and automation control software.

Screen customized support

1. Touch support: non-touch/capacitive touch/resistive touch/infrared touch.

2. Screen support: high resolution screen/high brightness screen/explosion-proof screen/bezel-less screen/anti-glare screen/wide temperature screen, etc.

Appearance support

1. Size support: 7-100 inches and more sizes are optional. Square screen and wide screen ratios are optional.

2. Color support: mysterious black, elegant silver and other customized color are optional

3. Material support: aluminum alloy, sheet metal material

4. Personalized customization: LOGO screen printing,laser engraving, independent mold opening, etc.

5. Installation support: embedded (internal/external), wall-mounted, VESA, Ceiling, tripod, liquid scaffolding type, folding, etc.

Performance environment support

1. Dust and oil pollution environment, high and low temperature environment

2. Humid environment, electromagnetic interference environment

3. Public use environment, vibration environment

4. Unstable voltage environment, static environment

System support


Network module support

WIFI/Ethernet/Bluetooth/4G/5G etc.