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10.1 Smart Home Vesa Mount Tablet Pc ZPC101-X113

Key Features of the 10.1 Inch Android 11 Industrial Panel PC:

1. Android 11 OS: Runs on the latest Android 11 operating system, providing a user-friendly interface, 

2. Industrial Durability: Constructed with rugged materials to withstand harsh environments

3. Spacious 15.6-Inch Display: Offers a generous 15.6-inch high-definition touchscreen,

4. Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen Responsive 10-point capacitive touch 

5. Versatile Connectivity

6. Customizable I/O Ports

7. Equipped with high-performance processors

8. Longevity and Stability

9. Easy Maintenance

10. Compatibility with Industrial Apps

11. Mounting Flexibility: Suitable for VESA mounting, panel mounting, or as a standalone unit, providing installation versatility to fit into any workspace configuration.



The Zhichun 10.1 inch VESA mount Android Panel PC can significantly enhance both home and office environments by offering a versatile, integrated computing solution. Here’s how it can help:

1. **Home Automation Hub:**

  In a smart home setting, the Zhichun 10.1 inch Panel PC can serve as the central hub for controlling various smart devices. With its Android operating system, you can easily install apps that allow you to manage lights, thermostats, security cameras, and other IoT devices from a single interface.

2. **Entertainment Center:**

  Mounted in the living room or kitchen, the panel PC can act as an entertainment center. Stream movies, music, and games directly on the device or connect it to a larger display. Its touch screen functionality makes it easy to navigate media libraries and control playback.

3. **Educational Tool:**

  For families with children, the panel PC can be used for educational purposes. Install learning apps, access online courses, or use it for interactive homework sessions. Its durable design ensures it can withstand daily use by kids.

4. **Office Productivity:**

  In an office setting, the Zhichun Panel PC can boost productivity by serving as a dedicated station for video conferencing, project management tools, and document editing. Its VESA mount capability allows it to be placed in strategic locations for easy access by multiple team members.

5. **Point of Sale (POS) System:**

  For small businesses, the panel PC can function as a POS system. Its compact size and touch interface make it suitable for retail environments where space is limited. It can handle transactions, inventory management, and customer data securely.

6. **Industrial Control Interface:**

  In workshops or industrial settings, the panel PC can be used to monitor and control machinery or processes. Its robust design ensures it can operate reliably in tough conditions.

7. **Information Kiosk:**

  Whether at home or in a public office, the panel PC can be set up as an information kiosk, providing quick access to news, weather updates, company announcements, or wayfinding maps.

8. **Energy Management:**

  At home or in the office, the panel PC can be connected to energy management systems to monitor and control electricity usage. This can help in optimizing energy consumption and reducing utility bills.

9. **Communication Station:**

  It can serve as a centralized communication station for messages, emails, and calls. This is particularly useful in busy offices where clear and organized communication is essential.

10. **Customizable Applications:**

   With the Android operating system, users can customize the panel PC with a wide range of applications tailored to specific needs, whether for personal use or business operations.

Overall, the Zhichun 10.1 inch VESA mount Android Panel PC offers a flexible solution that can adapt to various roles depending on the environment and user requirements, making it a valuable addition to any home or office.

10.1 Smart Home Vesa Mount Tablet Pc ZPC101-X113

10.1 Smart Home Vesa Mount Tablet Pc ZPC101-X113


Basic Parameter

Sizes 10.1 inches
Back lightLED
Brightness 300nits,can custom to 1000nits
Dynamic contrast1000:1
Touch screenCapacitive touch
Touch point   10-point touch
Respond Time  ≤5ms
Luminousness 85±5%
Surface Hardness 6H
Click Lifetime 50 millions times
Viewing AngleR/L:65(Typ.), U/D:65(Typ)     
Communication InterfaceUSB interface
Operating System
Android 7.1/8.1/9/11/12
ProcessorRK3288 (RK3399/RK3568/A311D optional)
RAM2GB (4GB/8GB optional)
ROM8GB eMMC (16GB/32GB/64GB optional)

I/O Interface

Display out1*HDMI
LAN        1*RJ45(Gigabit Ethernet) 
4G LTE1*SIM slot(4G module optional)
Extended storage1*TF card slot
Audio 1*Line-out
Power12V DC power input

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature-10-+60 
Storage Temperature        -20-+70                                                    
Relative Humidity20%-90%

General Parameters

Outline Dimension  391*240*44mm(L*W*H)
Display Dimension 344.5*193.5mm(L*W)
Mounting Hole Size 100*100mm
Shell Material Metal cover  
Installation TypeWall-Mounted, Desktop, VESA

Optional Configuration

Motherboard OptionalRK3288RK3399A311D RK3568
Version OptionalAndroid 7.1Android 8.1/9/11Android 9Android 11/12
RAM Optional
ROM Optional(eMMC)8GB/16GB/32GB16GB/32GB/64GB


Free accessories

Embedded buckle           4 pcs of embedded buckles+ 4 pcs of screws
Adapter1 pcs of 12V/5A adapter
Power cord1 pcs of 1.5m
HDMI cable1 pcs of 1.5m
Touch pen1 pcs

Optional accessories

Power cord                     1 pcs of 3m/5m
Wall-mount plate1 pcs of wall-mount plate                                
Desktop stand1 pcs of desktop stand

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