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How to find industrial computer manufacturer from china

Apr. 30, 2024

Online search: 

Start by conducting an online search using search engines like Google or Baidu. 

Use keywords such as “industrial computer manufacturer China” or “OEM industrial computer China” to get relevant results.

Business directories: 

Utilize online business directories specific to China, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, or GlobalSources. 

These directories provide a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers categorized by product type. 

Look for categories related to industrial Pcs or OEM services.

Trade shows and exhibitions: 

Attend trade shows and exhibitions related to industrial automation, technology, or manufacturing in China. 

These events provide an opportunity to connect with manufacturers and suppliers directly. 

Some popular trade shows in China include the Canton Fair, China International Industry Fair, China Hi-Tech Fair, and SPS - Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou.

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Industry associations and chambers of commerce: 

Reach out to industry associations or chambers of commerce that specialize in industrial automation or technology in China. 

They can provide valuable information, resources, and contacts for finding industrial computer manufacturers.


Utilize professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry professionals, suppliers, or manufacturers in China. 

Join relevant groups and communities to expand your network and seek recommendations for industrial computer manufacturers.

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Verify and shortlist: 

Once you find potential manufacturers, verify their credibility and reputation. 

Check their website, certifications, client reviews, and request samples or product catalogs. 

Shortlist the most suitable options based on your requirements, quality standards, and pricing.

How to find industrial computer manufacturer from china

Contact and negotiate: 

Reach out to the shortlisted manufacturers, either through their website contact forms, email, or phone. 

Discuss your requirements, specifications, customization options, production capacity, lead time, and pricing. 

Negotiate terms and conditions, such as minimum order quantities and payment terms.

Visit and inspect: 

If possible, plan a visit to the manufacturing facilities of the selected manufacturers in China. 

This will allow you to assess their production capabilities, quality control processes, 

and overall suitability as an industrial touch pc manufacturer.

How to find industrial computer manufacturer from china

Finalize and sign agreements: 

After careful evaluation and comparison, select the most suitable industrial all in one computer manufacturer from China. 

Finalize the terms, specifications, and pricing through a written agreement or contract.

Ensure that you conduct due diligence and thoroughly evaluate the manufacturer to ensure 

they meet your requirements regarding quality, reliability, and delivery timelines.

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